21/5/19 : NEXT EVENT

הרצאת השראה לצלמים 


Shai Ashkenazi is an israeli based photographer since 2001.
He is well known for his addiction to black & white pictures.
After falling in love with photography in 1999 on his trip to India, the land of spirit and colors, the indian culture was a major impact on how he see's life.

He specializes in street photographyi the style of pure documenting.
Using only manual focus on his Leica camera,he thinks that the target is the process and to enjoy it.

Shai is a documenting life photographer,
For him, the smallest most simple things in life are the greatest gifts in the world.

With his unique style, shai is also an events photographer and has a street photography
workshop for professionals and amateurs.

his best advice is
“start where you are,
use what you have
do what you can…”

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